Agri program

Reliable equipment that will serve you for years to come!

Within our Agri program, we offer two types of installations:

  • front loaders
  • front hydraulics.

Front loaders

A front loader is a versatile tool for working on the farm or on other public utility service tasks. Particular emphasis and attention is placed upon the correct mounting of front loaders, as only when properly mounted according to their bulk do they allow the vehicle to have optimum lifting power and be able to work with the loader. By choosing the optimal loader and correctly mounting it, safe operation of the loader and other installations are guaranteed for the user and the tractor. The mounting of all installations can be performed at our business location. Before buying a loader or other installations, we can advise you regarding the correct choices of the loader itself and the attachments for the loader.

Riko Ekos can offer you the following types of front loaders:

  • TIP 40-70 (suitable for mounting on a tractor from 40-70 KS)
  • TIP 60-90 (suitable for mounting on a tractor from 60-100 KS)
  • TIP 90-140 (suitable for mounting on a tractor from 90-140 KS)

For further information regarding our front loaders see front loader catalogue.

Front hydraulics

Front hydraulics are designed to be couplings for various tractor attachments. We can provide you with a fixed coupling that is suitable to be used with all vehicle attachments that can be connected on the vehicle's front. We can advise you regarding the correct choices of front hydraulics depending upon your needs. In particular, you can choose among models for various tractor types and sizes. We offer front hydraulics for general agricultural purposes and for better public utility service performance. They are suitable for working under the toughest conditions and allow you to also use snow ploughs, grapples, etc. In addition to front hydraulics, we can equip your tractor with the highest quality cardanic drivelines that are manufactured by Zuidberg.

In the table below you can see the specifications for several types of front hydraulics that Riko Ekos offers!

  PHS 2000 PHE 2000 PH 2300
Lifting strength in kg 2000 2000 2300
Hydraulic cylinders Unilateral functioning Bi-lateral functioning Bi-lateral functioning
Purpose General agricultural tasks General agricultural tasks General agricultural tasks and public utility services – use of a snow plough…
Cardanic driveline Optional Optional Optional