Street sweepers – the ideal solution for cleaning asphalt and concrete surfaces!

The P2 street sweeper is designed to clean asphalt or concrete surfaces such as roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and all other areas where it is possible to manoeuvre a vehicle and the sweeper. It is suitable for mounting onto tractors, public utility vehicles, trucks, and all other work vehicles.

Take a look at some of the P2 street sweeper's technical specifications!

Technical Specifications P2 street sweeper
Width 2300 mm
Cylinder 530 x 2100
Brush material Combination of polypropylene and steel wire or according to customer's request
Weight 410 kg
Management Hydraulic


Together with the street sweeper, we can also offer you the following accessories:

  • Water reservoir installation
    One of the accessory equipment items for the street sweeper is a water reservoir installation, which is intended for dampening the road. It can be installed as an active (installed water pump) or passive (water freely falls from the reservoir) road dampening device.
  • Side brush
    This device is suitable for sweeping next to road curbs, beside buildings, and all other areas that are inaccessible with the primary brush.
  • Dustpan
    Upon request, a 150 l dustpan can be added on to the street sweeper with either hydraulic or mechanical opening. It is for use in urban areas where materials cannot be swept to the side of the road.