Snow ploughs

Reliable snowploughs that are easily adapted to your specific needs!

We offer equipment for all types of needs – from the most demanding professional ploughs for airports to ploughs for home use. The equipment is suitable for tractors, trucks, special public utility vehicles, and for home use.

  • Ploughs for home use
    We offer the most uncomplicated and cheapest solutions for home surroundings clean-up. You can choose from a wide variety of products. We provide expert advice during the purchasing process.
  • Semi-Professional Versions
    Intermediate semi-professional versions are designed for those who have large areas within their company's space.
  • Professional versions
    Professional snow ploughs are designed for the professional performance of winter road cleaning services (local roads, regional roads, highways and airports). You simply need to choose from the standard types available and we will deliver them to you. The various types are defined in terms of their size and width and their differences in height, width, and the ruggedness of performance.

The following types of snow ploughs are available:

For whom are we the best choice?

  • Winter services,
  • Road companies,
  • Private contractors that perform winter services for municipal roads,
  • Specific customers such as airports and motorways.
Snežni plug K-IVZimska oprema
Schneepflug KK-320Snow plow TK-III
Schneepflug KIIISnow plough TIIISerija TLSerija TL